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If you are interested in learning to Lipread, feel free to contact DEAFvibe for more information on available classes using the link below.


Why learn to Lipread?

Check out the feedback from other students who have attended our Lipreading classes:


I would like to comment on the Lip Reading Class, Tutor Sally.

The Course has just ended and I will miss the Monday Class. I found the course to be extremely informative and will reinforce the BSL training I have already received. The Group really worked well together and very supportive to each other.

I have a much better understanding of how hearing loss affects people in their daily lives and this will be of great assistance to me in my work at the CAB when I see clients who are hearing impaired.

As I work for the Citizens Advice it is essential to appreciate the needs of all clients no matter what disability. The Management at the bureau fully support staff to take on such courses to enhance their understanding and needs of clients. The Citizens Advice Bureaux aims to provide advice people need for the problems they have and to improve the policies and practices that affects people.

I would, therefore, like to send my sincere thanks to Sally for her encouragement during the year. The handouts she provided will be used I am sure as a point of reference.

It is also my intention to keep in contact with DEAFvibe and attend the DEAFvibe Café when possible.


I have recently completed the Lip Reading Course with DEAFvibe in Bradwell. I would like to tell you how beneficial this course has been to me. I was born with perfect Hearing & developed Meniere`s Disease & as a result I became Deaf quite suddenly in one ear & over a period of time in the other ear. As a result, it took my confidence, self esteem , pride & I became withdrawn & I couldn’t communicate with people as I couldn’t hear what people we’re or are saying, even with Hearing Aids. I eventually lost my job. I am learning British Sign Language, but not many Hearing people use British Sign Language as they speak!! I started to learn to Lip Read at DEAFvibe in September 2014 & it has boosted my confidence, self esteem pride, self worth& I am now starting to socialise more!! I am starting to communicate with people more as it’s giving me a chance of communicating with Hearing, Speaking people!! It is a VITAL lifeline & communication aide for me!! Without it I would be lost!! I would be in a world of my own, as my Sign Language isn’t good enough for the Deaf Community completely & I can’t hear for the Hearing Community!! With Lip Reading I am able to carry on as an individual & have a life in the Hearing Community & Deaf Community. It also helps with my emotional wellbeing as it is very depressing not being able to communicate & understand people & having to get people to write things down!! Being called “thick” is very insulting!! So is being ignored as you can’t hear what people are saying!! Being called “rude” is insulting!! Lip Reading is essential & I cannot emphasize how much so!! I have started a new job since starting Lip Reading classes & its` mainly thanks to Lip Reading I’m able to keep my job!!