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Consultations & Petitions

From time to time Consultations & Petitions become available – we will use this page to let you know of these.  Your views are important, so make your vote count.
Please let us know of any Consultation & Petitions that we may not have included or missed. Email us the link at info@deafvibe.co.uk.

North Staffordshire CCG Online Survey

The CCG is currently reviewing whether we continue to provide NHS funded hearing aids for adults with mild to moderate age-related hearing loss.

However, before we make any decisions on the future of this service, the CCG would like to know your views on this proposal. This is to ensure that local people have the opportunity to share their opinions on our proposals and review of hearing aid services. We want to seek their views and understand their experiences.

Please complete the survey, we want to hear your views. If there is something you feel that has not been covered in the survey or you want to raise additional points which will help us shape the review, please complete the additional comments sections and return to us, so we can take those views into account.

Click here to complete the survey

NHS adult hearing services in England: how any qualified provider is working for patients.

As part of this research project, Monitor is seeking views from patients, patient representative groups, General Practitioners (GPs), healthcare providers and commissioners on their experiences of adult hearing services.

The survey will be open until Thursday 4 September 2014. If you would like further information on this research project, please contact us at aqp@monitor.gov.uk or call 020 3747 0000.

Click here to complete the survey


All Age Disability Strategy Consultation

Staffordshire County Council is developing an All Age Disability Strategy 'Living My Life, My Way' which focuses upon a very simple, core purpose - ensuring that all children, young people and adults with disabilities are able to live a healthy, full and fulfilling life in the way they choose. We want to see disabled people becoming full citizens and members of their communities.

The 'Living My Life, My Way' Commissioning Strategy outlines our vision, ambitions and commissioning priorities for disabled people of all ages in Staffordshire. Click here to visit the consultation web page

BSL Bill Scotland


Nearly one month has passed since the launch of the Proposed BSL Bill ( Scotland ) consultation. SCoD has produced sample answers for organisations and individuals to help them prepare their responses to the consultation. SCoD has worked with BDA and SASLI in translating sample answers for individuals – you can click this webpage to look at BSL video clips

Deafblind UK Campaigning and Awareness


Deaf Health Research Project by Sign Health – a study of Deaf People’s Health

Disability Living Allowance Reform – Public Consultation – consultation ends 14th February 2011

NDCS Campaigns for change for every deaf child across the U.K - NDCS Campaigns for Change

RNID - Lipreading Petitiondue to shortage of lipreading classes in the U.K

RNID - National Loop Survey – check out the results!

RNID Key Issues and Previous Campaigns - RNID Key issues

Sense Campaigns for Deafblind People

Stop Cuts in Deaf Services – Elmfield School & Youth Services in the Centre for Deaf People, Bristol

VRS Today – Video Relay Service for BSL Users - Petition