**Transcript of Video Message**

This is a Video Message from Ali France at DEAFvibe

I’m really sorry but I don’t have access to subtitles this evening so this is a text transcript of the video:

I hope you are all ok. At the moment, we are all living in difficult times, never before. It all feels really strange. Tonight I wanted to update you and let you know what is happening with DEAFvibe. Every month we have a Cafe – that is now postponed – when it will be back we don’t know yet.

Every Wednesday, we have a VIBE group, that is temporarily postponed – again when we will be back – we don’t know.

The HUB on the 1st and 3rd Friday from this week – this is temporarily postponed – when we will be back we don’t know.

Deaf Day Friday 24th April at Stoke Football Club – that is now temporarily postponed – when this will be set up again – we do not know.

Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, next week or next month – it is difficult times. It is difficult to plan and to let you know wha twill happen. Everyday information is changing, news is changing and updates. We have to follow Government guidelines and their advice. Bradwell Lodge Community Centre will be closed from Monday which means the building is closed.

DEAFvibe have to look at other ways to support the Deaf Community – we need to explore this and what we do next. A lot of you know I work for Staffordshire Sensory Team, we are now looking at how we can support the community who are Deaf, have visual impairments and are deafblind. A lot is happening quickly and we need to explore ways in how we can support everybody. All of us have to support each other. We have other organisations such as dDeaflinks, ASSIST, also Freelance Interpreters – all who are setting up own plans including the Sensory Team. I can’t say now what we can do but we have to try our best. The most important thing that I can say is look after each other, please support each other, please listen to each other through video calling, communicate with other.

The world at the moment is fast changing, no one what is going to happen. But e the deaf community are strong, we stand together , we always support each other, we have done this for a long time, and we will carry on supporting, challenging but supporting. Please look after each other.

Stay safe.

Good night.