A painting created by the DEAFvibe Art & Craft Group was on display at the Brampton Museum, Newcastle under Lyme, until January 2016. The painting ‘Sun down – Field of remembrance’ was created by Andrew Dawson and the 3D poppies were created by Naomi Webber.

‘Sun down – Field of remembrance’

This painting is a tribute to World War One Soldiers. The picture is by the DEAFvibe art group and crafts group which has deaf, Hard of Hearing, deaf and partially sighted members. I have used acrylic oils in the painting. The sunset is taken from the poem ‘At the going down with the sun`.

We all imagined standing in a field of poppies and thought about the soldiers who fought there, and those who lost their lives, so we depicted them as ghosts. The 3D poppies are stunning and are there for people with dual sensory loss (deaf/partially sighted) who depend a lot on touch, they were created by one of our members, Naomi Webber, and ideas for the painting were from other members of the group, so it was truly a team effort.