Sami Munden-Griffiths – an inspirational lady who visits the monthly Cafe DEAFvibe, has created a 3 month plan to support people, to become Awesome by April.


We have 3 months, 90 days in which to transform our lives for the better.
The emphasis for the transformation will be three-fold;

How will we do it?
* By taking before, during and after pictures so that at the end we can see our progress.
* By taking measurements such as waist size, and weight at unspecified times – this way you can’t slim down then binge as people would for Weight-Watchers type weigh-ins!
* By posting advice for people to follow.
* By helping and encouraging each other.

On day 1, I will post;
* An exercise, or list of exercises, and amount of reps for all participants to do. Back it up with a video if possible. Even better if you can make your own.
* A picture of the meal that I ate the day before with a description and reasons for choosing it. People then have this same meal the next day. Even better if you can prepare the meal for your whole family.
* A piece of dietary advice for people to stick to for 3 days.
* A tip for us all to follow that will help improve or transform our lifestyle.
* A nominated person to do the same the next day.

1 – There are no rules, it is to help us get better, the more you participate, the better your individual results.
2 – Don’t lie, your results are your results. Don’t eat a pie and say you’ve eaten a carrot!
3 – Help and support everybody.

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