Become a Friend of DEAFvibe

Who are we?

DEAFvibe is a local charity which covers Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. We aim to offer support, advice and guidance to Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deafened and Deafblind people as well as their families, friends and carers. As a Charity, we also represent our members on a UK wide basis.

DEAFvibe is run by Board of Trustees and we have over 30 unpaid volunteers.

At this present time (2010-2015), we have no paid staff and everyone involved offers their expertise, skills and knowledge as well as their passion and commitment to DEAFvibe on a voluntary basis.

Are we successful?

It is with great pride that we are pleased to announce that DEAFvibe was awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in 2014. This award is the MBE for Voluntary Groups and is awarded for recognition of services to the Community in which they serve.

DEAFvibe was launched in February 2010 and in the last four years it has become a very important organisation for those who are Deaf or experience a hearing loss as well as their family, friends and professionals involved in their lives and care.

DEAFvibe is very lucky to have such a dedicated and committed group of volunteers and without all of you – DEAFvibe would not be so vibrant and successful.

The vision of DEAFvibe is:

  • To create a safe, friendly and relaxed environment where individuals can communicate share feelings and offer support to each other;
  • To create opportunities for individuals to accept and develop shills in coping with their own experience of deafness;
  • To encourage individuals to use their expertise and knowledge to empower others; To offer advice and information to individuals enabling them to make choices which promote their independent living;
  • To sign post individuals to other services locally and nationally;
  • To ensure all deaf, deafened , hard of hearing, deaf blind and others with hearing loss and their families and carer’s receive equality and respect, that access to information and communication is provided without barriers or prejudice, promoting equal participation and opportunities in life.

We welcome new volunteers who can offer their skills and services to enable us to achieve our aims and objectives as set out within our Constitution.

But more importantly, we need YOU to become a Friend of DEAFvibe so that we can show we have great support for the work we do in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. This will assist us in applying for grants and funding. Please join now!!

You can apply to become a member through our online form or you can download our membership form below.

Friends of DEAFvibe Membership Form (Adobe PDF Version)

Membership Benefit

  • Membership is open to all individuals, families, businesses and organisations;
  • Free email bulletins informing you about our forthcoming activities and facilities;
  • Free copies of all publications;
  • Free help and advice at our twice monthly HUB sessions when you will receive advice on equipment to enable you hear better, advice on hearing aids and support with their maintenance;
  • Free counselling and advice about all aspects of Deafness, Tinnitus, British Sign Language and other forms of communication;
  • Access to all our open meetings which include our AGM and monthly Café;
  • Opportunities to improve your communication skills through our classes which include Deaf Awareness, British Sign Language at all levels, Tinnitus Support Group, BSL for Leisure, Lipreading and other recreational groups;
  • Free attendance at our annual “See Me, Hear Me” Deaf Day exhibition held at the Britannia Stadium as well as our Celebration Cafés which include Volunteers day, Christmas Party, Hart Award, other award ceremonies and many more;

Everyone Joins FREE!

  • This is a one off application for life;
  • No annual fees;
  • No membership cards to carry around;
  • No pressure to join;
  • Always protected under the Data Protection Act;
  • Receive a Thank You Certificate when you join!

If you value our services and wish to make a donation, you can do so via a variety of methods:

    • Visit the Café DEAFvibe
    • Drop into the twice monthly HUB
    • Post a cheque
    • Make a BACS payment
    • Donate via Virgin Money Giving Page
    • Via our Website!

How do I become a member?

Apply to be a member through our online form or download our membership form here. The membership form is also available in a PDF format.

For further information, contact us at:

DEAFvibe, PO Box 3511, Stoke on Trent ST6 9EF


Mobile or SMS: 075160422560