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Travel Infromation

Concessionary Fare Scheme - Bus Passes for Older People and People with Disabilities

If you have a sensory loss, you be:

  • Profoundly or severely deaf;
  • Without speech;
  • Registered blind or partially sighted individuals suffering total or high degree of vision loss.

Important note: Your Doctor may charge you for stamping your Bus Pass or Disabled Person’s Railcard – you can also contact your local Social Services Office for your bus pass or rail card to be stamped.  If you have difficulties, please email info@deafvibe.co.uk.

Where do I get my Bus Pass from?  Check out the links below for your areas:

If you live in Staffordshire - check out:

Staffordshire County Council: http://www.staffordshire.gov.uk/transport/publictransport/buspass/247travel.aspx


 Disabled Person’s Rail Card

The application form requires a Social Services official stamp or you can take a copy of the
front page of your NHS battery book / a copy of your dispensing prescription from a private hearing aid supplier.

You can visit your local Railway Station and ask for an application form for a Disabled Person’s Rail Card or you can download it from these links:

Newcastle Community Transport Services – Tel: 01782 627770. Wheelchair friendly mini bus. Charge: £4.50 for first 3miles then £1.50 per mile for any additional miles. Requires 7 days booking notice.

Steve’s Wheelchair Taxi Private Hire – available 24/7 – can text to mobile. Based in Newcastle. One day notice required when booking taxi. Has Electric ramp. Tel or Text: 07909955854

Sids Private Hire Taxi Service has a new mobile phone application. Click on the link below for more information about the app.

Sid's Taxis Mobile Phone App

Door to Door Transport Services – tel: 01782 621936. Service only available during office hours. Volunteers use their private cars (not wheelchair accessible). Need 2 days notice at least with appointment times. Text 07849 186550 or email:door2door@nulcvs.co.uk